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Evan RYDE Indoor Cycling Instructor in Houston Texas


Evan grew up singing, playing the piano and performing on stage, so she brings a passion for performance and a feel for the best beats into the studio. In between RYDEs, Evan is likely to be on the search for a great new restaurant or coffee shop, curled up with a good magaz—er, book, or zipping down to Galveston for the weekend.

  • Dream Occupation

    Professional Scrapbooker

  • Hidden Talent

    Baking? Singing? Neither are terribly hidden if you know me ;)

  • Favorite Artist

    I like stuff besides EDM. Bon Iver, Band of Horses and Artic Monkeys to name a few

  • Dream Destination

    New Zealand or Thailand

  • Hobby

    Reading and taking bubble baths

  • TV Show

    Scandal or Stranger Things